OMAC PackML Training

Join OMAC for a full day of hands-on PackML training with experts. The small-class style training will include basic and advanced PackML coding and programming sessions.

This day of training is sponsored by PMMI U.

Basic Training Programming
• History and development of PackML
• PackML Benefits
• Understanding and Applying the PackML State Model
• Basic coding and programming with a PackML Library
• Using PackTags
• Introduction to using OPC-UA and PackML together

Advanced Coding and Programming Training
• Best practices for identifying modes and states for your application
• PackML coding and programming best practices
• PackML module development, code reuse
• Guided advanced coding and programming practice
• Guided advanced practice using PackTags
• Practical experience using OPC-UA and PackML together

Important note: To register for the advanced training you must have prior knowledge about PackML Modes, States, and PackTags—what they are, their role, and basic application. The primary focus will be on PackML coding and programming. Prior participation in PackML basic training is advantageous, but not required.


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