Brandon Bohle

Brandon Bohle

Manufacturing IT Analyst III , Interstates Control Systems

Remote Access Cybersecurity

Wednesday, May 15
9:55 - 10:30 am

Establishing remote access to production equipment—either as a means of monitoring your own equipment or as an OEM as part of service agreement with your customers—is growing in popularity across every manufacturing vertical. Of course, opening up production equipment to this kind of access presents a number of benefits and risks. In this session, Brandon Bohle, Manufacturing IT Analyst III for Interstates Control Systems, a system integration firm based in West Chester, Ohio, will explain the different use cases for remote access to OT networks to help you better understand how to choose the best approach for you based on system requirements and security. Bohle will review the benefits, risks, and warning signs associated with different remote access technologies for OT networks from the perspective of  their potential impact to plant operations.