Trent Lester

Trent Lester

Group Leader for Integration of Production Control Systems, Subaru of Indiana

Subaru Uses Automation Software to Drive Industry-Record Turnaround Times

Tuesday, May 14
9:20 - 9:55 am

Though the overall automotive industry is facing significant change, Subaru of America has enjoyed growing demand for their vehicles over the last decade. The company operates a large manufacturing facility in Indiana which sees a new car roll off the production line every minute. In 2017, Subaru produced around 342,000 cars in the Indiana Plant for the North American market. For the past 12 years, Subaru has been using GE Digital’s automation software to run large parts of their Indiana manufacturing facility. This software is helping Subaru to meet production and quality targets – and to deliver industry-record turnaround times between customer orders and delivery for their Subaru Legacy brand – just 24 days. In this session, Trent Lester, Subaru’s Group Leader for Integration of Production Control Systems will outline Subaru’s automation journey so far – addressing the challenges they faced along the way – and where they plan to go next.