Speaker Bio

Bryan Griffen

Director, Industry Services, PMMI

Dr. Bryan Griffen is Director, Industry Services for PMMI (www.pmmi.org), the association for packaging and processing technologies. He brings nearly 25 years of industry experience, including 20 years with Nestlé. During his career with Nestlé, Bryan gained significant global experience; he was stationed in North America and Europe, as well as completing projects in South America, Africa and Asia. Bryan has worked in operations at the factory level, as well as leading the electrical and automation activities for the USA and Canadian markets, and globally at Nestlé’s world headquarters in Switzerland. Bryan has also lead engineering teams in Nestlé’s R&D arm for the Ice Cream, Beverages and Cereals businesses.

As former Chairman of the Board of Directors for OMAC, and previous chair of the OMAC Packaging Workgroup, he and his team were the first to implement the full PackML strategy (ISA TR88.00.02) on a prototype packaging line utilizing disparate automation platforms, including implementing a standard data model for IIoT applications.

Bryan completed his undergraduate studies in electronics engineering technology at Brigham Young University. He followed with a graduate degree in computer integrated manufacturing, where he developed an intelligent instrument for measuring internal mold cavity temperature in injection molding. He has also earned a doctorate in technology from the University of Northern Iowa with focus on the development of advanced process control techniques for application in industrial controllers.