Technology Workshop

Sam Murley

Sam Murley

Digital Transformation Lead, PTC - Augmented Reality

Driving Business Value Through Your Digital Transformation

Wednesday, May 15
3:00 - 3:40 pm

In this session, attendees will learn three areas of focus which are essential to a value driven digital transformation. To drive value from the top floor to the shop floor, attendees will also learn about the need to take a holistic view of their digital transformation. Finally, attendees will learn from real world experiences deploying the digital transformation, and how organizations are succeeding today.

  • Understand the three pillars of focus, essential to executing a value driven digital transformation
  • Discuss the need for a holistic view of a digital transformation, to drive value from the top floor to the shop floor
  • Discover how organizations are delivering value today with their digital transformation
  • Learn from real world experiences in deploying digital transformation strategies.