Technology Workshop

Travis Cox

Travis Cox

Co-Director of Sales Engineering, Inductive Automation

Digital Transformation for the Enterprise: Choosing the Right Tools

Wednesday, May 15
3:45 - 4:25 pm

There’s a new architecture revolutionizing the way large enterprises — from manufacturers to oil and gas — are connecting and analyzing their data. “We live in a Brown Field world!”…. Every customer’s journey to Industry 4.0 will require a carefully thought out migration strategy that has to embrace existing brownfield equipment and infrastructures. This strategy will definitely require more than just the existing notion of simply writing code on Cloud/Edge/Fog infrastructures. It will require mature platforms with tools that are already focused on OT existing infrastructures and devices. Discover how migrating from a typical poll-response, round-robin topology to a bandwidth-efficient publish/subscribe system using MQTT can decrease latency and help get critical data and analysis to your entire enterprise instantly.